We are proud to announce that one of our Young Masters artists has been featured in Nicole Swengley’s article ‘A Great Relief ‘ on the  The Worldly Pleasures website from the Financial Times ‘How to Spend it.’

The article comments on the emerging trend of large-scale 3D wall art and the affect that this tactile art form has on home owners. Although sculptural wall art isn’t a new concept, the idea of having these art works in residential property is contemporary. The impact that 3D wall art creates is some thing that homeowners wish to experience in their homes, as Barbara Tober  (a former chairman of the Board of Trustees of New York’s Museum of Arts and Design) highlights, 3D wall art has ‘the power to quicken the senses and add visual excitement to a space’ 

Taken from Swengley’s article, “Folly [by Beth Katleman] is a still life, yet it is animated and belongs not to the age of enlightenment or romanticism, but to the age of film and the internet,” This piece has been sold to private collectors in Korea, Hong Kong and Sydney.

2.  Folly (detail)