Seven for a Secret, 2013 Lenticular Photograph 28.5 x 21.5 in.
Seven for a Secret, 2013 Lenticular Photograph
28.5 x 21.5 in.

Photographer-cum-Artist, Derrick Santini has created an exclusive edition of his spectacular lenticular photograph ‘Seven for a Secret,’ from his ‘Magpie’s Rhyme’ series, especially for the Young Masters initiative.  This smaller scale version is available in an edition of 10.

About the Work
This work has its roots in mythology, fantasy and folklore. It is the culmination of Santini’s long-harboured ideas, based around people and birds and the metaphysical world that binds these creatures and characters, in lore and in reality. For many years Santini wanted to bring the Magpie’s Rhyme to life. His signature use of the lenticular process became the catalyst to the work’s eventual realisation. Initially envisaged as a series of photographs, instead the artist progressed to creating moving photographic lenticulars to tell these stories, bringing these ancient notions to life.

The Magpie’s Rhyme  “one for sorrow two for joy three for a girl four for a boy five for silver six for gold and seven for a secret never to be told,” are depicted as a series of lenticular portraits – a rogues’ gallery of sorts.

The in-between, the changeling, a world within a world, are the constant themes that motivate and propel Santini’s work. The lenticular process encapsulates these elements and virtues, beautifully – the medium is the message as much as the content of the works.

About the Artist

­Derrick Santini grew up in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, where he first discovered his love for photography at the tender age of thirteen.  Derrick spent his teenage years recording everything he saw, before this early fascination became a serious calling when he applied to Harrogate College to study for a BTEC in photography.  This was followed by a BA Hons in ‘Photography and Communication’ at the London College of Communication (formerly LCP).

After an initial period prolific in reportage, Derrick’s talent saw him rapidly propelled into the fields of portraiture, music photography, fashion and advertising, where he soon became renowned for his intimate and insightful portraiture style.

This early work burgeoned into numerous acclaimed commissions; many of these iconic images feature in an anthology of his work, ‘Persona’, published by Dazed books in 2004. Now an equally well-established name in the fields of Fashion, Music and Advertising, Derrick continues to be the photographer of choice; shooting both eminent names and brands, whilst championing new artists, designers and publications.

A few years ago Derrick began experimenting with lenticular photographic works. These have taken off substantially in the last three years, with solo shows in London and Istanbul, as well as numerous group shows as far afield as New York, Miami and Brazil.  His pieces have proven extremely popular with gallerists and collectors alike, as well as counting Adele and Jemima Khan as owners and fans of his work. Santini was shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize 2012 and was highly commended for technical excellence. He joins The Young Masters Tour for 2013.