The Young Masters recently featured in the Visual Arts Feast at Henley Festival.  Our stand included a selection of artists from the 2009 and 2012 editions of the Young Masters Art Prize. Additionally, several invited artists were also featured including Jamie Lumley, Elise Ansel and Aileen McEwan. The Henley Festival was a great opportunity to share the immense talent and innovation of our Young Masters artists who were so positively received by Henley visitors. Many visitors took great interest in the initiative of the prize, and we were thrilled with the positive feedback.

Countless visitors were in awe of Fabiano Parisi’s beautiful photographs of unseen Italy from his collection ‘Il Mondo Che Non Vedo.’ Furthermore, Derrick Santini was in high demand! Visitors to Henley were fascinated by his lenticular image ‘Seven for a Secret’, which the artist has produced as an exclusive edition for the Young Masters Tour.  Visitors were greatly entertained by this new and innovative medium.

Visitors to the Young Masters/ Cynthia Corbett Gallery stand were continuously serenaded by the harmonious sounds of ‘The Casablanca Steps’ positioned directly opposite the stall. Furthermore, the Festival’s roving eccentric acts provided continuous entertainment to visitors. The acts ranged from Doris, Mary and Marge (the threesome known as ‘Granny Turismo,’) to the eccentric Horseman, who passed the stall regularly throughout the course of the festival, bringing an extra pizazz to the sun filled weekend.  All in all, the atmosphere at Henley Festival was fantastic.  It was well worth a visit, and a brilliant success!

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