The exhibition brought together renowned old master paintings with the contemporary artworks placed amongst them, including works by previous years’ prize winners, shortlisted artists and newly graduated artists heavily inspired by their historical counterparts.The exhibition reflects both the relevance and contemporaneity of old master paintings and their influence on the new generation of artists, and perfectly illustrates the spirit of the Young Masters Art Prize.

Artists included:

Aileen McEwan | Andrew Bruce | Beth Katleman | Bex Massey | Charlie Moxon | Charlotte Bracegirdle | Christoph Steinmeyer | Cyrus Mahboubian | Derrick Santini | Elise Ansel | Elaine Wilson | Fabiano Parisi | George Morris | Georgia Dodson | Jamie Lumley | Jane Hoodless | Karina Chechik | Lian Zhang | Lottie Davies | Lluis Barba | Nicole Etienne | Nina Fowler | Rodolfo Villaplana | Sun Ae Kim

We would like to thank everybody who came along to support the final stop of the Young Masters Tour, it was a fantastic evening and we look forward to the exhibition for the Prize 2014 next year!

Photography by Cristina Schek.

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