On 23 June 2014, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery will open a major group show to celebrate its successes over the past 10 years. This 10 year anniversary exhibition will showcase the gallery’s roster of artists, including those whose careers they launched,  mid-career artists who have benefited from the gallery’s international programme and profile and a curated selection of Young Masters artists 2009 – 2014.  Cynthia Corbett launched The Young Masters Art Prize, a not-for-profit initiative presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, in 2009.  Founded as a Prize to celebrate artistic skill and innovation, 2014 sees the 3rd edition of this prestigious and important Prize.  The 10th Anniversary Exhibition will feature a selection of artists from the Prize since its inception, including 2012 winner Lottie Davies, who is taking part in the 2014 Crisis Commission exhibition and auction. The third edition of the Prize will launch in autumn 2014.

Exhibiting artists will include painter Andy Burgess and photographer Tom Leighton, whose collaborative exhibition ar.chi.tec.ton.ic recently opened at The Cynthia Corbett Gallery in New York; Deborah Azzopardi, world-renowned for her distinctive pop-art inspired images; Lluís Barba, runner-up of Young Masters 2009, who reworks iconic artworks by the likes of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Brueghel by introducing celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kate Moss into his compositions; and San Francisco-based Klari Reis, who uses the tools and techniques of science to create colourful abstract interpretations of magnified images of biological forms.

The exhibition will also include a revisiting of 2012 Young Masters Judge Colin Wiggins’ Double Vision, which was one of the gallery’s first curated projects. Wiggins creates etched portraits of his art heroes, inviting them to complete the works by adding their own portraits of him. This showcase will include collaborative works on paper by Frank Auerbach, Sir Peter Blake RA, Paula Rego and

Following her career as an international investment banker, Cynthia Corbett trained as an art historian at Christie’s before launching The Cynthia Corbett Gallery in 2004. Since then, it has become established as an international contemporary art gallery representing emerging and established artists.

Based in London and New York, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery has an annual programme of solo and group exhibitions and is a regular exhibitor at major international contemporary art fairs.

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery 10 year anniversary exhibition will be at The Gallery in Cork Street from 23 to 28 June 2014