8-11 May 2015
VIP Private View 7 May 2015
The Saatchi Gallery
Stand 6.3

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is delighted to announce that it will make its debut appearance at COLLECT at the Saatchi Gallery in May 2015.

An international contemporary art gallery, the Cynthia Corbett Gallery exhibits both emerging and established artists. In 2009 it launched the Young Masters Art Prize, a not-for-profit initiative to celebrate artists inspired by the art of the past. In 2014, with the generous support of James and Maylis Grand, the inaugural Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize was launched to showcase artists who respond to ceramic heritage in an innovative way. At COLLET, the Gallery will present a curated selection of seven artists who featured in the Prize, including shortlisted artists Kevin Callaghan, Christabel Birbeck and Jo Taylor; highly commended artists Zemer Peled and Jongjin Park; winner Matt Smith; and Guest Artist Chris Antemann.

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Chris Antemann started her hugely successful collaboration with MEISSEN Porcelain Manufactory in 2011. During this period Antemann has produced parodies of 18th century porcelain figures with an ingenious modern twist, a style she has come to be known for. Antemann has since continued working at MEISSEN, producing beautiful unique and limited edition works, including her impressive Lemon Chandelier, which will be shown for the first time in the UK at COLLECT 2015.

Christabel Birbeck draws the inspiration for her work from abstract expressionist painting and seeks to express a similar aesthetic in 3D form. Birbeck finds titles from the poetry of Frank O’ Hara and the 1950s New York Abstract Expressionists with playful results, presenting her colourful clay box shaped sculptures on redesigned combinations of old furniture giving a formalised yet juxtaposing aesthetic.

Jo Taylor creates contemporary ceramics combining wheel thrown and hand built elements all influenced by historical styles of ornament. She looks to decorative architecture for her inspiration, informed the way in which ornament enhances a space and works alongside function. Her construction process has no specific plan, she works to intuition and lets the work evolve through process with no set vision for the final result.

Jongjin Park explores the materiality of ceramics and their ability to imitate other materials such as wood and paper. Originally from Korea and currently studying in the UK, Park uses this as a vantage point to explore relationships between British and Eastern ceramic cultures in his work. Developing processes to push the boundaries of the materials, Park questions what is accepted in the world of ceramics.

Kevin Callaghan uses simple, architectural, mathematical structures such as triangles and squares as points of departure in his practice. The colours he applies to these geometric forms take influence from architecture, and emphasise the form presented in the final composition. Callaghan looks to address the human limits, the conscious, unconscious, time and space in his precarious and spontaneous forms.

Winner of the 2014 inaugural Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize, Matt Smith, is interested in how history is a constantly selected and refined narrative that edits and presents itself as a fixed and accurate account of the past. Through site specific interventions within art and historic institutions, the familiar is made unfamiliar and power structures are brought to light. Smith continues challenge in his practice as his use of craft, with its connotations of the amateur, accessibility and gender, and his exploitation of its place in the art world, meaning that his pieces both utilise mainstream culture and unsettle it.

Zemer Peled examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world through her work. The form of her work comes from a cycle of creation, destruction and creation again which results in a contrast between the solid and the fragile, the soft and the hard. History also has influence on Peled with a colour palate taken from historical blue and white porcelain with a dynamic result.

COLLECT is the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, featuring 35 International Galleries showing world-class, museum-quality contemporary craft.  The Fair takes place at the Saatchi Gallery, London, from 8 – 11 May.