Young Masters Artists at Art Hamptons and Art Southampton

Art Hamptons 2015
2 – 5 July 2015

Art Southampton 2015
9 – 13 July 2015
Booth AS61

We are delighted to announce that the following artists from the Young Masters Art Prize are showing with the Cynthia Corbett Gallery at Art Hamptons and Art Southampton: Lluis Barba, Zemer Peled, Elisabeth Caren, Fabiano Parisi, Chris Antemann and Lottie Davies.


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Read more about the artists below:

Lluis Barba reworks iconic artworks to comment on contemporary society, introducing modern characters into Hyeronimus Bosch’s or Pieter Brueghel’s medieval scenes. His work leverages the language of artistic symbolism to critique both modern society and the art world. Utilizing society darlings, art world players and music icons, Barba expresses his debt to Art History and contemporary culture through a satirical and humorous slant.

Zemer Peled is a ceramic artist who examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world through her work. The form of her work comes from a cycle of creation, destruction and creation again which results in a contrast between the solid and the fragile, the soft and the hard. History also has influence on Peled with a color palate taken from historical blue and white porcelain with a dynamic result.

Elisabeth Caren’s photographic work connects with people through portraiture and is especially drawn to theatrical or narrative portraiture. After starting her career in film development and production Caren decided to go behind the lens and start doing her own story telling. Her work in the entertainment industry has influenced her photographic work which is often described as classic and cinematic.

Fabiano Parisi is a photographer of contemporary ruins. Hw shoots early in the morning to achieve the best colours and chiaroscuro, and his images are left untouched by digital manipulation software. The artist also prints the work himself on carefully chosen papers that enhance and maximize his colours and tones. Parisi’s documentary and poetic works preserve otherworldly locations, freezing them in a moment, to be enjoyed forever.

Lottie Davies, winner of the 2012 Young Masters Art Prize, takes inspiration for her work from Constable and Delaroche. Her primary focus is stories; personal histories and identity, while also referencing popular culture, such as cinema and television. Her large photographic images, are designed to prompt the viewer into expecting a story hidden in the scene presented to them. The way in which we view the Old Masters, described by the artist as ‘looking habits’, is not a result of an understanding of art history in her eyes but rather a reflection of our everyday “visual consumption”.

Chris Antemann started her hugely successful collaboration with MEISSEN Porcelain Manufactory in 2011. During this period Antemann has produced parodies of 18th century porcelain figures with an ingenious modern twist, a style she has come to be known for.