We are delighted to introduce our new sponsor, Crossbarfx, a foreign exchange company based in the UK.  Crossbarfx are generously sponsoring the Private View of ‘Young Masters: Dialogues‘ at Sphinx Fine Art, which takes place on 14 October 2015, 6 – 9pm (RSVP to celia@thecynthiacorbettgallery.com)

Tom Barclay, associate at Crossbarfx, explains why they are sponsoring Young Masters and gives an introduction to their company. 

Please can you tell us about Crossbarfx and the services you offer?

When any individual or business has a need to convert currency naturally their first port of call is their bank & why wouldn’t it be. Most people don’t realise that there is any other way of making payments in other currencies. But there is. Crossbarfx was established in 2004 and is a longstanding non-bank provider of deliverable foreign exchange and international payments. Crossbarfx has rapidly become the provider of choice for private individuals & companies based in the UK and overseas. We know that moving your money around the world means a lot more than just changing pounds to euros, or dollars to yen. We work in exactly the same way as a bank however on considerably tighter margins in turn saving the client money which gets added straight onto their bottom line.

Why do you think FX important, and how can it be used to best effect?

The currency markets are the most liquid and volatile in the world. With an increasingly globalised world, the need for foreign exchange to support international trade and cross border payments is growing the whole time. Private individuals buying or selling overseas investments such as property and sometimes art, importers and exporters too have a need to access the currency markets through their bank or broker in order to achieve the best rates of exchange.

You are generously sponsoring the Private View of our forthcoming Young Masters: Dialogues exhibition. What appealed to you about Young Masters as an initiative to get involved with?

Crossbarfx is supporting the Young Masters art prize for the first time and the emphasis very often reflects the same things at Crossbarfx’s financial world.

Whilst the Young Masters encourages artist to look and learn from the artists of the past and respond with innovation and creativity in their own work to provide new, vibrant pieces, Crossbarfx shares a similar outlook as we look to innovate whilst remembering the good old things that still matter. Excellent customer service and innovation in both product and technology are the key to our future just as  creativeness and inventiveness are still so important in art. My sister is a classically trained portrait painter and it is an area that I follow closely along with others in the company. It a pleasure and an exciting time going forward.

Do you collect art?  And if you could own any piece of art, what would that be?

My family collect art. I did History of Art A level and the first period I studied was impressionism and the first artist the arch impressionist Eduoard Manet – the godfather. My favourite work is The Luncheon on the Grass (Le dejeuner sur l’herbe) by Edouard Manet.


Manet shocked the French public by exhibiting this painting at the Salon des Refuses in 1863. Although not a realist painting, it is a statement in favour of the artist’s individual freedom. Ever since it was first published, this painting has puzzled audiences and critics which must have been striking at the time. There are various interpretations of the painting and people still discuss them at great lengths.

When I went with my family to the Prado Museum (Madrid) 10 years or so ago I was overwhelmed by many of Diego Velázquez’s paintings too.

How can CrossBarFX help artists, galleries and art dealers?

Crossbarfx can help artists, galleries & art dealers achieve better rates of exchange than the high street banks and many other brokers. We ensure that every cross border transaction is simple, fast and cost effective without the need to visit the bank. Crossbarfx also offers a free of charge, dedicated, personalised dealing service for those that require help in placing their transactions or understanding the dynamics of the currency market. Our aim is to make everything as streamline and smooth as possible & saving those who purchase or sell art money whilst offering a unique personalised service. These savings are often between 2-4% of their turnover which gets added straight to the business bottom line.