The exhibition ‘Young Masters Dialogues’ features a selection of contemporary works, made or placed in response to the Sphinx Fine Art Old Master Collection. 

In the exhibition, Felicity Hammond’s work ‘Restore to Factory Settings’ is placed next to Jan Brueghal’s work ‘A Coastal Landscape with Fishermen by a Ruined Tower’, which both take the ruin as allegory. Hammond’s photographic collage depicts an urban landscape has been dismembered; at the same time it gone through a process of careful reconstruction. It explores the interplay between the past and the present to imagine future potentialities, exploring dystopian visions through engaging in the complexity of restoration, longing and homesickness. The unattainability of the past is engulfed by the materiality of the structure of the ruin, where human intervention appears to have been reabsorbed into the landscape. This work stands for both progression and error, and its relationship with natural temporality. Brueghal I is known for his allegorical works and depictions of ruins, echoes of which are found in Hammond’s work.

Hammond’s work is exhibited side by side with the original Brueghal painting at Sphinx Fine Art in the exhibition ‘Young Masters: Dialogues’  until 24 October 2015, curated by Daisy McMullan.