The exhibition ‘Young Masters Dialogues’ features a selection of contemporary works, made or placed in response to the Sphinx Fine Art Old Master Collection. 

Rosie Emerson’s work ‘Polaris’ is a hand finished cyanotype which is placed next to Tosini’s ‘An Allegory of Fortitude’.  Both works depict powerful female figures and feature allegorical motifs. Emerson describes her unique mixed media work and female subjects:

For the last 10 years I have been depicting solitary female figures, either with no background or in imagined and fabricated settings or landscapes.
I am interested in representing the female figure as icon and spectacle, a heightened projection rather than realistic portrait, figures stand on enormously tall legs, “as if they had subsumed the pedestals’ society had placed them on”, other times they are dripping in adornment. They are powerful and goddess-like. They are each an allegory of my own fantasy rooted in the rich history of the depiction of women from mythology to the modern day super model.
I use alternative photography, screen-print, collage and paint, I am as interested in my medium as much as my subjects, often combing unusual and different materials and techniques which draw attention to the surface, I am often trying to create a push and pull effect, toying with illusion of perspective and the flatness of the surface.

Emerson’s  work is exhibited with the original Tosini painting at Sphinx Fine Art in the exhibition ‘Young Masters: Dialogues’ until 24 October 2015, curated by Daisy McMullan.