Bartholomew Beal’s paintings translate mood and atmosphere through process and progress. The next step in each painting is never fully planned, and as a result, the paintings sometimes arrive at an early stopping point, but also sometimes a require a long drawn-out excursion to realize the original intention. Each painting begins as a pared down illustration to a poem or story, but there is consistently a moment when the paint takes control. Beale’s practice is a healthy tussle between the considered specifics of poetry and a deliberate surrender to the unpredictability of paint. He is always open to trial, error and accident. ‘He takes pleasure in the sophisticated manipulation of paint, and his work has a seductive sparkle that has been absent from painting for too long.’ – Edward Lucie Smith

Each painting is an attempt to involve the viewer by persuading him or her to become absorbed in the situation of each figure. The lone figure set in the center of each composition is in fact a compilation of several figures, created in order to arrive at a generalized image. This operates through unspecified hints that leave much to be concluded – there is an original poetic narrative and intention made eloquently by paint.

Bartholomew Beal has had two solo exhibitions since graduating with First Class Honours from Wimbledon College of Art 2012; the first at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery between September and November 2013, the second at the London Fine Art Society; June – August 2014. He has shown at Mall Galleries, Theobald Jennings Gallery, GX Gallery, Buxton Dome, and has won the Jonathan Vickers Residency and the Landmark Plc Fine Art Award in 2012.

Three works by Bartholomew Beal are included in the exhibition ‘Young Masters:Dialogues’ at Sphinx Fine Art, courtesy Isis Phoenix Arts.