The Young Masters is pleased to see Felicity Hammond as one of the shortlisted UK-artists for the UK/RAINE prize exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London until 3 January 2016.

The prize is sponsored by the Firtash Foundation and the Saatchi Gallery with the aim to promote emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine. This year the overall winner is Ukrainian artist Sergiy Petluyk with his sculptural video projection ‘Tolerated Violence’ (2015).

Felicity Hammond is showing two installations, ‘You Will Enter An Oasis’ (2015) and ‘Restore To Factory Settings’ (2014) with’Monument to the Curiosity Zone’ (2014).

Both installations show Hammond’s engagement with the urban landscape and her interest in the relationship between concepts such as modernity and destruction. In ‘You Will Enter an Oasis’ Hammond has made plants grow out of a marble-tile wall, a common feature in many luxurious reception areas. Hammond plays with a language of marketing and luxury living where the tiled wall and the plants are reimagined through computer generated imagery that affect our perception of the real. One aim for Hammond is to ultimately create a new value of these discarded things fused into an opulent setting.

In ‘Restore To Factory Settings’, Hammond codifies the demolished factory landscape with the color blue. Blue is the colour of architectural planning but also the colour unable to transmit information on the screen. Hence it becomes an allegory of failure and corruption or the future already made redundant. Hammond has however made this dystopian vision one of her most beautiful ones.

Felicity Hammond recently featured in the Young Masters:Dialogues exhibition at the Sphinx Fine Art Gallery, 12-24 October 2015 and is currently on show Right Here, Right Now at The Lowry Museum, Manchester.

‘You Will Enter An Oasis’ (2015), Inkjet print on vinyl and ceramic, acrylic, copper, strip light, Installation view
‘Restore to Factory Settings’ (2014) C-type print and ‘Monument to the Curiosity Zone’ (2014), Acrylic and glass wool, Installation view