Claire Partington, Venus, 2015, (detail)

We are delighted that the work of Claire Partington appears in a new book on Contemporary Ceramic practice: STOUFFER, HANNAH
The New Age of Ceramics
Published by Gingko Press Inc.

‘While most surveys of contemporary art focus largely on two-dimensional work, there is a growing movement of emerging as well as established artists that are producing work in the ceramic medium, creating three-dimensional work that is groundbreaking in scope. Working in clay or porcelain and utilizing traditional methods such as wheel throwing or hand building, artists use their considerable talents — often honed in other media — to create unique work that is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether a sculptural piece, traditional vessel or a large-scale installation, they are constrained only by their imaginations and the nature of the material. Contains process shots of the artists at work as well as a voyeur’s glimpse into their studios. Artists featured include Case Studyo in collaboration with Parra, Steve Harrington, Mike Perry, Todd James, Cleon Peterson, Horfee, Cody Hudson and Friends With You, as well as Heath Ceramics, Peter Shire, Katsuyo Aoki, Kate MacDowell, Mark Whalen, Claire Partington, Lauren Shapiro, gritCERAMICS, Livia Marin, Steven Young Lee, Jess Riva Cooper, Kouzo Takeuchi, THEONE Ceramics, Beth Cavener and Lindsay Scypta.’

London-based ceramic artist Claire Partington produces work that explores narrative and the retelling of stories in her ‘fantastic historical objects.’ Typically Partington will reimagine popular folk tales with a strong consideration to the back-story of a character and readapt the figure in such a way that the narrative is visually distinct and poignant. The More We Are Together, 2015 and Daughters of the Monstrous Women, 2015 statuettes are perfect example of Claire’s artistic intention of transforming iconic artworks by exploring and misleading the interpretation of their background stories.

Her style is inspired by European Applied Art and Design styles from the 1600’s onwards.  Underpinning this is the long European tradition of appropriation and reinterpretation or misinterpretation of “exotic” styles that can be seen in National Collections across Europe. The aesthetic inspiration is drawn largely from the idea of getting it slightly wrong and the bluffing and “cobbling together” of styles to form the final result. The pieces are all meticulously hand built, using traditional ceramic techniques. They are coil built, then the shape is refined before adding surface decorations of sprigged (press molded) ephemera and modern computer generated enamel decoration over the glaze.

Partington graduated from Central Saint Martin in 1995 with a 1st in Fine Art Sculpture, before continuing her education and career in the Museum and Gallery sector. In 2003 she resumed making, and since then has been showcased internationally. Currently she is taking part at the Museum of Modern Art exhibition I Prefer Life in Bremen (20 May – 26 November 2016). Claire participated in Young Masters Art Prize in 2014 and was shortlisted for Young Masters and Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize. She was also exhibited by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery at the London Art Fair.

We are delighted to announce that that we will be exhibiting at Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects.

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