Yuehan Pan was born China in 1993. Her work crosses the boundaries between Western and Eastern traditional assumptions in its visual standards and forms. Her work centres on the conflicts and similarities between forms in calligraphic gestures, the rhythm of movements, the focus of perspectives, the use of emptiness, and figurative characterisation. These are key to delivering images in their meditative quality. For instance, the scroll is the traditional way of holding Chinese paintings, which is influenced by the philosophy of ‘San Cai’. The idea was to create sky and ground for human activities in the middle, which shows respect for nature and understanding for human beings. The differences across time and place are the context and reference to understand painting as an object at present.

Yuehan studied BA Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, 2010 -14 and MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2014-16. She has shown her work in ‘Crafted’ at Hockney Gallery, London, RCA Secret in London and Dubai, Meetings and Partings, Times Art Museum, Beijing and was shortlisted in 2014 for the Windsor & Newton Award.

Image credit: Yuehan Pan, Blond Painter, Blond Dancer, 2016, Ink and watercolor on Pi paper mounted with silk, 56 x 115cm each


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