Antonie Eikemans work conjures notions of alienation and recognition through the material of porcelain.  Maidenly, fragile, airy and serene, Eikeman’s contemporary daily activities are brought to life, covered with swarming transfer decorations and adornments of gold leaf.  Busts and figurines mobilise the uncanny: something immanently familiar lurks within these imaginary and mystical beings. 

Eikemans graduated from the Academy for Industrial Design, Eindhoven in 1976, before going on to graduate in Spatial Ceramic Design at the Royal Academy of Art and Design, s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, in 1984. Eikemans has since gone on to teach Spatial Design at a number of Dutch institutions. Recent exhibitions include: Woven Heritage: International Miniature Printmaking, Dubai, 2017; International Ceramics Competition Carouge, Switzerland, 2015; Biennalle de Manises, Spain, 2015; and Ceramics Bienalle 2015 Coda Museum, Apeldoorn The Netherlands.

Featured image: Antonie Eikemans, Me and my Fox, 2017, porcelain, transfers and gold, 24 x 19 x 13cm (9.4 x 7.5 x 5.2in.)

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