Carole Freeman is a painter of people and narrative pictures. Bridging influences from 5th century BC sculpture to 21st century social media, Freeman’s painting practice dialogues and draws upon the work of Old and Modern Masters as varied as Polykleitos, Daumier, and Picasso. Her subject matter, culled from life experience, culture, world events and news, technology history, and literature, bears witness and comments on contemporary concerns while exploring links between present and past. Stylistically positioned between classical representation and contemporary figuration, on-going bodies of work combine clinical study, empathy, humor, and ironic juxtaposition to manipulate time and space through fine detail and gestural brushwork, monochromatic and luminous color, lightness of spirit and soulful depth.

Freeman studied BFA Honors at University of Manitoba, Canada and MA Painting at the Royal College of Art, London, UK. Her recent Canadian solo exhibitions include: Something About Winnipeg, Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg, Selections 2012-2016, Walnut Contemporary, and Friend Me: Portraits of Facebook, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto.  An autumn, 2017 solo exhibition will be at Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York. Her work is held in collections including: Art Bank, Canada; Continental Oil Company, UK, Royal College of Art, UK, York University, Canada and Private Collections in Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, and USA, including New York art critics Jerry Saltz and Roberta Smith.

Featured image: Carole Freeman, Demoiselles (study), 2017, Acrylic on paper,  56 x 76 cm  (22 x 30 in.)

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