Sasha Bowles

Sasha Bowles’ creative process explores illusion, intervention and metamorphosis. Through intervening on book pages and postcards, she re-presents and subverts classical narratives, cloaking the figures to open up new possibilities. Bowles’ interventions pay homage to past masters, albeit in a mischievous manner. By creating new images from the printed reproductions she builds an intimate relationship with these works, bringing the viewer up close, not only to discover her interventions, but also to look more closely at the original artist’s craftsmanship and consider them once more as living paintings.

Bowles completed her MA at Wimbledon College of Art in 2013. She had a recent solo show Doo-plis-i-tee at 286 Gallery, London, 2016. Selected group exhibitions include: Reportrait at Nottingham Castle Museum, 2017; Complicity, Collyer Bristow Gallery; Bonfire of the Vanities, Display Gallery; Discernible, Zeitgeist Arts Projects. Awards include: The Lynn Painter Stainers; The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (invited artist) and The Discerning Eye (winner of the Benton Prize). Bowles has work in private and public collections in Britain, Europe and America.

Featured image: Sasha Bowles, Order of the star, 2016, Oil on Book Page, 22 x 26cm (8.6 x 10.2in.) 

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