We are delighted to announce that Phoebe Walsh,  Young Masters Media and Digital Marketing Assistant, is to showcase her jewellery at the Wellcome Collection.

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Phoebe Walsh | Lukie Lowe Jewellery, Golden Wild Grass, 9ct Gold, 2017, Necklace.

Phoebe will be exhibiting her jewellery at the Wellcome Collection in the forthcoming ‘A Museum of Modern Nature’ Exhibition. When not working on the Young Masters programme, she can be found in Hatton Garden building her fine jewellery collections under her working title Lukie Lowe Jewellery.  Golden Wild Grass was shortlisted by a unique panel of judges each with a unique relationship to nature, including: a park manager, a shaman, a dairy farmer and a plant scientist.

As part of an open-call out, Phoebe submitted a Blade of Grass and a Golden Wild Grass Necklace to narrate her personal relationship with nature. She believes the opportunity to pause from our hectic schedules in a fast-paced city are scarce and the lowly wild grass is humble to such occasions: “The simple blade of grass is poignant as a break from routine and acts a metaphor to reconnecting with ourselves and environment.” Her necklace was made from wild grass picked by her grandmother and mother in the Hampshire Wields, as part of the Finders Keepers Collection which celebrates Meadows across the UK. Once picked, and hung to dry she developed the item in wax before casting.

A Museum of Modern Nature | Exhibition from the 22 June – 8 October 2017  

Wellcome Collection  183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, UK


To view more pieces from Phoebe’s impressive collection and to follow the development of Lukie Lowe, please follow @lukielowejewellery and explore Lukie Lowe’s Etsy site.

Featured image: Phoebe Walsh | Lukie Lowe Jewellery, Pair of Wild Grass Necklaces, Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold, 2017.

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