Amartey Golding is a multimedia artist whose work explores how contradictory ideas coexist within the individual. By disregarding the lines between the malevolent and the benevolent, he attempts to explore life’s parallel truths. He addresses controversial subjects of sexism, racism and intolerance, placing himself comfortably and honestly at both extremes, as oppressor and oppressed, addressing our individual inabilities to avoid blame or apology. Exploring his own moral and social contradictions, he addresses the unavoidable shortcomings of an individual, and the acceptance of these failings as integral to the human condition, without the fallacy of a moral high ground.

Golding attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and has exhibited in the Middle East and Europe with solo exhibitions in the UK, Dubai, Germany and Denmark. He won the Granta Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award in 2007.

Featured Image: Amartey Golding, Umbrella, 2016, C-Type Print, Edition of 6 + 2AP, 90 x 70cm (35.4 x 27.6in.)

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