Young Masters is taking part in The Cynthia Corbett Gallery’s Exclusive Online Summer Exhibition, now live on Artsy ☀️

The show comprises a plethora of Contemporary art in a variety of media, from painting, photography and collage, to ceramics, sculpture and video. Curated around the theme of summer in all possible interpretations, our Summer Exhibition seeks to position the exploration of colour, texture and movement as self-sufficient points of reference and inspiration, and to explore the continuous importance of process in Contemporary art making.

Don’t miss the delicate pencil drawings of Azita Moradkhani, the winner of this year’s Young Masters Art Prize and inaugural Emerging Woman Art Prize, and abstract paintings by Elise Ansel, one of many acclaimed Young Masters Alumni featured in this presentation. Adopting historical painting as their blueprint in order to challenge and subvert art history’s portrayal of women, both these female artists explore the formal qualities of gesture and colour.

Other highlights are the glimmering summer palettes of yellow, gold and fiery orange in the works of Jongjin Park, Stephen Snoddy, Matt Smith and Charlotte Bracegirdle, whose leisurely figure in Flaming June recalls the Californian cool of Andy Burgess’ Pool House.

This exhibition brings together vibrant impressions of nature: while Katie Spragg and Beatriz Elorza evoke details of flora, Malene Hartmann Rasmussen and Asya Reznikov transport the viewer into magical worlds that combine natural with supernatural.

Tom Leighton, Andréa Stanislav and Tony Fitzpartick channel the energy of summer through dynamic and highly personal experimentations with collage, creating dream-like cityscapes, electric portraits and illustrative mind maps.

The season of summer is full of richness, life and vibrance. Whether you’re sipping one of Deborah Azzopardi’s cocktails or basking under Mary O’Malley’s palm tree, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is bringing the summer to you!

The exhibition runs until the 9th of September.
Featured: Elise Ansel, ‘Infidelity V’, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 12 × 12 in, 30.5 × 30.5 cm.

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