Crafts Council has identified 6 emerging makers to follow in 2018, including Young Masters Art Prize Winner, Azita Moradkhani.

Iranian artist Azita has background in drawing, painting & sculpture. Whilst growing up in Tehran, Azita was exposed to Persian art and culture as well as Iranian politics. “That double exposure increased my sensitivity to the dynamics of vulnerability and violence that I explore in my work and art-making process” she says. The female body is central to her work and she uses beauty as her weapon to address complex socio-political issues. Her use of traditional techniques, skill and delicacy connect her work aesthetically to the art of the past.

Through the collaborative process of casting her nude body, she places herself in a vulnerable situation that challenges her own belief system. Azita mixes imagery with memories and history to “emphasize both inter- and dis-connections between sexual representation and national identity, between the public and the private”.

In 2017, Azita’s work was chosen from a shortlist of 18 international artists for her delicately crafted drawings and won the Young Masters Art Prize. She was also awarded the Young Masters Emerging Woman Art Prize, an award that supports emerging female artists by gallerist Cynthia Corbett.

Read the full article, written by Sara Khan, here.


Featured Image: Azita Moradkhani, Victorious Secrets (Egg).

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