Red Saunders, Dutch Kitchen Still Life

As a not-for-profit initiative, Young Masters is indebted to the support of Patrons. Our Patrons play a crucial role in each edition of the Prize and we are honoured to receive their assistance. 


James and Maylis Grand, Patrons of the Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize

The Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize, recognises contemporary artists who respond to the heritage of ceramic craft.  The 2017 prize comprise a Winner’s Prize of £1,500 and a Highly Commended Award of £500, generously donated by  James and Maylis Grand.  Since the launch of the Prize in 2014, it has grown to become an international project, recognised by world renowned institutions and organisations. Maylis is a valued member of the Judging Panel for the Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize 2017.

Maylis Grand is an avid collector of ceramic art. Originally from France, Maylis moved to London aged 20 to study Economics and Business at the LSE. She quickly developed a strong interest in the cosmetic industry and got her first job at Christian Dior in London. During this period, Maylis first became interested in ceramics and has since cultivated her passion for this craft and created a significant collection. Maylis’s current position as Head of Product Development for a major European perfumery chain allows her to manage her taste in other’s creativity.



Dr Chris Blatchley, Patron of the Young Masters Art Prize and Young Masters Emerging Woman Artist Prize

Dr Chris Blatchley is a dedicated patron of the Arts and is generously providing a Winner’s Prize of £2,000 for the Fourth Edition of the Young Masters Art Prize, and a Winner’s Prize of £1,000 and a Highly Commended Prize of £250 for the inaugural Young Masters Emerging Woman Art Prize.

Chris has been collecting art for 30 years. He first met Cynthia Corbett, later to be Founder & Director of the Young Masters Art Prize, 15 years ago and quickly acknowledged the potential of Cynthia’s early curatorial projects. Chris’s specialist clinic in The City of London was opened for a series of innovative pop-up exhibitions, marking the origins of their most recent collaboration. Chris’s support has been particularly influential and has led to the development of an additional Prize strand, newly inaugurated this year.  After discussing the potential of his sponsorship, Chris and Cynthia came to recognise their shared desire to support emerging women artists. A new strand of the prize, the Young Masters Emerging Woman Art Prize, was conceived with the intention to profile and reward the work of a female artist at the early stages of her career.

Dr Chris Blatchley is Director of The Glass House Opticians, an independent Opticians operating in The City of London since 1984 whose aim is to provide a highly professional service throughout all aspects of eye care. Dr Blatchley started Capital Aesthetics in 2008, specialising in aesthetic medicine. Dr Blatchley is also Medical Director of The London Migraine Clinic where he researches improved ways of using Botox to treat those badly affected by their illness.

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Through the delivery of the Prize every 2 to 3 years, we encourage artists to produce and exhibit their works nationally and internationally, and provide opportunities for artists to reach new audiences and gain new collectors. With our extensive Young Masters Touring exhibition programme, we invite the public to enjoy and buy affordable art. We also work to support our artists by providing advice, networking opportunities and connections. With this in mind, we  also launched our Young Masters: Talks programme in 2017, comprising a series of panel discussions offering an insight into the art world.

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