Our founding mission to celebrate the lessons of Art History through the art of today has become a reality. To meet the overwhelming success of the Fourth Edition of the Young Masters Art Prize, we are furthering our ambition to make Young Masters art accessible to all. With a growing diversity in artists applying to and participating in the Prize, we feel strongly that wider audiences too should have access to their favourite Young Masters artworks.

We are furthering our reach by going digital! Alongside the Young Masters Art Prize and Young Masters Tour, which brings our Young Masters Winners, Finalists and Alumni to a dynamic programme of international exhibitions and art fairs, we are proud to launch the Young Masters Online Shop. 
Following the success of an exceptional curation of Young Masters and Cynthia Corbett Gallery artists on Artsy, we can now look forward to the Online Shop as one of the many interactive interfaces of the Prize. To discover handpicked artworks from the finest examples of contemporary practices look no further than our Young Masters Online Shop.