Young Masters Tour 2015


Young Masters at The London Art Fair

The London Art Fair
Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N1 OQH
20 – 25 January 2015

Featuring: Gillian Hyland, Red Saunders, Fabiano Parisi, Lottie Davies, Christopher Stacey, Juergen Wolf, Eleanor Watson, Nick Cuthell, Oliver Jones, Anne Francoise Couloumy, Shane Wolf, Jo Taylor, Kevin Callaghan, Matt Smith, Zemer Peled and Chris Antemann.


Fabiano Parisi’s solo presentation at PULSE


PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
5 – 8 March 2015

Featuring: Fabiano Parisi


The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Focus on Photography

The exhibition presented a variety of photography in a magnificent domestic setting at the Cynthia Corbett Gallery. The chosen works are by artists from the Young Masters Art Prize 2009 – 14, with invited guest artists.

Photography by Cristina Schek

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery,
15 Claremont Lodge, 15 The Downs, Wimbledon, London SW20 8UA
20th April – 30th May 2015

Featuring: Andrew Burgess, Elisabeth Caren, EVEWRIGHT, Fabiano Parisi, Gillian Hyland, Isabelle van Zeijl, Johann Ryno de Wet, Lluis Barba, Nick Simpson, Red Saunders, Richard Simmons, Saskia Boelsums, Stine Ljungdahl, Tom Leighton, Lottie Davies (overall winner of the Young Masters Art Prize 2012).

Summer Exhibition: Focus on Painting

An exhibition celebrating painting by Gallery artists and Young Masters Art Prize (from 2009 – 2015), including works by Fabiano Parisi, Robert Hodge, Couloumy, Lottie Davies, Elisabeth Caren, Oliver Jones, Red Saunders, Cecile Chong and many more.

Photography by Cristina Schek

Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London, W12 4RJ
1 – 13 June 2015

Featuring: Bartholomew Beal, Charles Moxon, Charlotte Evans, Christopher Stacey, Christoph Steinmeyer, Emma Watson, Elise Ansel, Georgia Dodson, Hannah Williamson, Juergen Wolf, Oliver Jones, Robert Hodge, Shane Wolf, Tom Farthing


Young Masters: Dialogues

Showcasing contemporary works inspired by the Sphinx Fine Art Old Master Collection. The notion of ‘dialogues’ is intrinsic to the concept of Young Masters – using contemporary artistic language in response to revered Old Master works to generate innovative reinventions of the past. Each artist invited to participate in the exhibition has had the opportunity to explore the works in the Sphinx collection and either pair an existing piece of work with an Old Master, or make an entirely new work in response to a piece of their choice.

Photography by Cristina Schek

Sphinx Fine Art
125 Kensington Church Street London, W8 9LP
12 – 24 October 2015

Featuring: Chris Antemann, Elise Ansel, Lluis Barba, Bartholomew Beal, Elisabeth Caren, Rosie Emerson, Felicity Hammond, Ghislaine Howard, Amy Hughes, Oliver Jones, Dijan Kahrimanovic, Annie Kevans, Durbin Lewis, Charles Moxon, Yigal Ozeri, Fabiano Parisi, Charlotte Piper, Richard Saja, Derrick Santini, Red Saunders, Matt Smith, Emilie Taylor, Jo Taylor, Christian Voigt, Eleanor Watson, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Juergen Wolf, Shane Wolf and Isabelle Van Zeijl.

Press Release
Digital Exhibition / Artsy

Felicity Hammond – HOUSE

Young Masters: Focus on new work in New York

A presentation of Young Masters shown for the first time in New York City, alongside a presentation of works by renowned Catalan artist (and Young Masters runner up in 2009) Lluis Barba. Featuring a range of work by International artists in a range of media, including painting, photography, textiles and ceramics.

Site 109
109 Norfolk Street, LES, New York, NY 10002
4th – 22th November 2015

Featuring: Elise Ansel, Chris Antemann, Lluis Barba, Bartholomew Beal, Elisabeth Caren,  Lottie Davies, Max Greis, Robert Hodge, Oliver Jones, Steven Rockefeller Jnr., Annie Kevans, Tom Leighton, Adam Mysock, Yigal Ozeri, Fabiano Parisi, Zemer Peled, Richard Saja, Derrick Santini, Constance Slaughter, Jam Sutton, Eleanor Watson, Juergen Wolf and Isabelle van Zeijl.

Press: Art Rabbit

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