Young Masters at London Art Fair

Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Stand 5

London Art Fair

Business Design Centre
52 Upper St, London, N1 0QH

17 – 21 January 2018


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Featured Image: Fabiano Parisi, Il Mondo Che Non Vedo 208, 2017



“The public knowledge of Jeff Koons’s personal collecting of Old Masters, the mounting interest of contemporary collectors in visiting fairs like Maastricht, and the forthcoming Frieze Masters: I think there is a desire to look back—way back”

Lisa Schiff, New York Based Art Advisor

“The old has something to offer the new – the past has the important lesson to teach that skill is the great enabler. If you gain a skill you can say more and achieve more and be a more powerful artist”.

Godfrey Barker, renowned art historian, critic and Chair Judge for Young Masters 2012, 2014, 2017